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Eleonora Chiari

Eleonora Chiari is a highly talented contemporary artist of wide international resonance, known for her innovative and evocative works, created in collaboration with Goldschmied.
This creative duo has created a unique artistic language that combines traditional forms of artistic expression with a modern, progressive vision.
Eleonora Chiari graduated in fine arts and then embarked on a fruitful art career. Her works, created together with Goldschmied, have won the attention of critics and art lovers around the world, thanks to their extraordinary ability to capture the essence of the contemporary world and bring to light new perspectives and interpretations.

These works, often described as incisive and provocative, explore a variety of social, political, and cultural issues, reflecting a deep commitment to understanding and representing the contemporary context. These works shine with originality and boldness, bringing new light to contemporary art and its relationship to today's society and culture.
His dedication and passion for contemporary art is evident in each of his works. In addition to his collaboration with Goldschmied, he has developed a number of independent projects that have met with considerable success. Her art has been shown in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally, establishing her as a significant and influential voice in the contemporary art scene.
On its official website more information about her work, career, and artistic vision can be found. Through the site, it is possible to immerse oneself in the world of Eleonora Chiari and Goldschmied, a world that combines aesthetics, social criticism and intellectual reflection into a single, fascinating artistic discourse.

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