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Euro-Operations Gmbh Was founded in 1997 and deals with art, music and even/. Based in the center of Munich, it has had an uninterrupted presence at the large Frankfurt Messe trade fair since 2004 with its own installations and artists and is now, in the German market, a point of synthesis and reference for the meeting between artists and the marketing of works and their rights. 

Advanced technologies and futuristic digital communication are the benchmarks for the Barcelona-based startup. Latest balance sheet closed at over 1M with first EBITDA already in positive field and great expectations for expansion and growth in the area of conjunction between NFT and Traditional Trade. 

Great vibrancy and presence in Eastern European markets in the area of Information Technology and Digital Security Systems related to the development of traditional administrative management models in the NFT environment, as well as a major effort to turn the well-known talent of domestic programmers into a competitive resource in the European digital market. 

The Setubal-based company has been a reference point for the Lusitanian market for a few years now for fans of new technologies applied to the daily management of automation and remote control. For more than a year now, the research and development group has been consolidating experience in NFT and e-commerce with the intention of implementing physical skills and applications with those of Blockchain. 

For decades, Eurotime has successfully operated in France producing young French artists and promoting the meeting of European and international cultures in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower through events, exhibitions, concerts and happenings of all kinds. For the past few months, the prestigious new headquarters in Des Halles has been preferred to the historic Rue de L'Encheval office, which has been a destination and meeting point for creatives of all kinds for more than 20 years, right at the foot of the Belleville so dear to Pennac.  

Established as a point-of-connection project between the continent's technological development experiences with those of the Anglo-Saxons, the London-based company has reinvented itself in the wake of Brexit by specializing in the area of commercialization of digital architectures and the transposition of CAD and e-commerce models from the imperial to the metric system. The very large number of corporate clients in Art&Fashion have produced a significant sales channel that IST has already begun to use successfully. 

The interest in Italian luxury and art of operators and clients in the Baltic countries is well known. DHA first developed and implemented Italian design and products in the field of architecture and interior art and then landed on the digital and artistic dimension offered by NFT and digital art. 

BELGICA STRATEGY SERVICES (Belgium and the Netherlands)
BSS is a service company for the public and companies seeking investment and capitalization in the digital and art fields. The company specializes in all e-commerce and e-market segments with a focus on e-auction processes of digital artworks. 

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