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Welcome to Modernity
The Project



The world of NFTs and blockchain is a new and changing universe with possible legal and tax issues. 

Otherwise, the NFaT project preserves the benefits of technology and innovation by transferring all legal and commercial elements into the traditional material world. The digital artworks are contained in a physical box that holds a Pen Drive which guarantees the uniqueness of access and exclusive ownership of the work to the bearer, through a proprietary technology developed by YPK Entertainment Italia.

In essence, the work is sold physically, like a piece of jewelry or a precious stone with traditional bank transactions made in Euros with regular invoicing and transportation documentation, without any implication of cryptocurrency, digitization or other models. The entire chain of rights and the drafting of all contracts for the management of the project has been entrusted to one of Europe's leading specialized law firms. 


The list

Formed from a rib of Yorpikus as a British-registered company and was later transferred to Italy by Italian entrepreneur and patron Giampaolo Rosselli. YPK has been involved in publishing and publishing, production art/music and advanced digital works for years. Increasingly, over the past years, the main activity of the group has focused on NFT management and production, virtual works development, online exhibitions in collaboration with leading national and international artists. The vast experience in blockchain management and the credibility gained, season after season, by the operators of the YPK galaxy, for the placement of exits in real-world are an added value to the project production chain. 

Union of Magna Graecia is a group of start-uppers at the forefront of the IT world specializing in software trading and digital commercialization. Based in Naples, UMG is known for its wide range of high-quality products ranging from digital process analysis solutions to security, from e-commerce model control to home entertainment automation. It was founded by Parthenopean entrepreneur Francesco Puglia, who heads it and maintains relationships with customers and suppliers and indicates the business and management routes to be pursued. The company has established partnerships with numerous software and virtual automation developers, enabling it to offer a variety of options to customers. These software programs also allow users interested in digital art to remotely control and manage various aspects of their works, their virtual placement, and more. 


The company Simbir Italia has been operating successfully for about two years in central Italy. The major shareholder and CEO is the well-known entrepreneur and animator of the Roman business world, Dr. Daniele Mogherini (incidentally, brother of Federica Mogherini, former foreign minister of the Renzi government and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy since 2014 as well as current Rector General of the College of Europe). Simbir provides advanced blockchain technologies and is a company specializing in business simplification of digital processes. 


Domotic Sister was born as the brainchild of well-known Milanese lawyer Andrea Biffi, who together with his spouse Elisabetta Viccari launched the company's digital project in 2020 within Italy's "Silicon Valley" of Sesto San Giovanni. The company's rapid success attracted many interests, and after discarding numerous proposals, the couple decided to accept the offer of Italian-Australian entrepreneur Walter Combi, who moved the company near his estate in Chianti where he likes to spend his time when in Italy. The company is therefore now based in Florence and operates successfully between Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna and Sydney. Domotic Sister mainly provides consulting and products for integrated digital management. 


Conservation of artistic heritage is a fundamental value.


We collaborate with world-renowned artists and companies.


Direct involvement with luxury brands.


We are always open for contact and our sources are available online.